Hannah Elmer

Founder of Belle’s Babies

Hi, I’m Hannah and I am the founder of Belle’s Babies. It was always a dream of mine to have my own baby class once I had children and here I am. Lockdown 1.0 gave me the time to focus on training and building my business idea and lockdown 3.0 gave me the push to put it into action.

So who am I?

I am a wearer of many hats! I am former teacher, a community support worker for adults with learning difficulties and disabilities, an Independent Body Shop at Home consultant, a baby massage instructor, a perinatal mental health practitioner and a mum (the most important job to me).

I have spent my working life pursuing my passion for teaching, supporting and enabling others to reach their potential and I wanted to some how carry this on when I left teaching. Prior to having my daughter, I had seen the benefits of massage whilst teaching in an special needs school and from family and friends who had taken their children to classes. When it was my turn the first class I signed up to was a baby massage class and that’s when I knew I’d love to do something similar. Other baby classes also showed me how I could use my expertise from my teaching to implement into a baby class of my own.

My aim for Belle’s Babies is to use my wide range of expertise to bring you a class that is more than just a baby class. I want to create a community. A safe place for parents and carers to learn new skills, socialise and bond with their babies.

What is Beyond Birth?

Mental health and well-being, in my opinion and many others, is as important as our physical health. Our minds are extremely powerful and they need looking after just like our bodies. We need to educate ourselves in how to manage the challenges life throws at us and both physical and mental well-being should be non-negotiables in our lives. By educating ourselves, our children and our loved ones, we can help create a more resilient future, help take steps to preserve and maintain our mental well-being and not wait until we are in desperate need of specialist support.