Baby Massage

It is through our hands we speak to the child. That we communicate. Touch is the child’s first language, understanding come long feeling.

Frederick Leboyer, M.D & author

Key benefits of baby massage:

  • Baby massage helps to build and strengthen the bond between parent/carer and child
  • It helps to relax both mother and child
  • It can help relive the effects of wind, constipation, teething and colic
  • It improves relaxation, helping to encourage longer sleep duration
  • It also stimulates the major systems of baby. Including respiration, digestion, language development, learning ability and co-ordination
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Baby massage has been passed done through generations in many cultures. Historians have in fact found evidence of this dating back over 3000 years in areas of the world such as the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, New Zealand and India. The idea is newer in western countries and introduced into the USA in the 70’s and since the late 1990’s it has become more and more popular in the UK.

There are several key elements to baby massage which help benefit both parents and babies. Baby massage isn’t just about helping baby to relax but it is a means of communication itself and helps combine the sense of smell, touch, sight and sound. Baby massage allows baby and parent to work together in a mutually respectful way.

TouchThe strokes are designed to help relax muscles, stimulate the nervous and immune system and the importance of touch has been shown to nurture babies emotional needs as well.
SightMaintaining eye contact during massage helps develop an understanding of the subtle clues babies can give.
SoundParents are encouraged to talk to their babies throughout classes which helps babies feel nurtured and relaxed.
SmellYoung infants are very sensitive to the smell of their primary carers. This is thought to be important in the bonding process and provides great source of comfort to babies.