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What is Beyond Birth?

Earlier this year I came across a lady called Sophie Burch and her Beyond Birth Guide when I attended one of her free perinatal mental wellbeing courses for practitioners. I was inspired by her advice, her goals and her as a person and what she believed in, which also aligned with my desire to help parents, carers and families with their mental well-being. This lead to me signing up for her course to become a Beyond Birth Qualified perinatal mental well-being practitioner, so that I can provide families with antenatal and postnatal classes.

Classes in the beyond birth course are postnatal.

Mental health and well-being, in my opinion and many others, is as important as our physical health. Our minds are extremely powerful and they need looking after just like our bodies. We need to educate ourselves in how to manage the challenges life throws at us and both physical and mental well-being should be non-negotiables in our lives. By educating ourselves, our children and our loved ones, we can help create a more resilient future, help take steps to preserve and maintain our mental well-being and not wait until we are in desperate need of specialist support.

Classes in the before birth course are antenatal

The Beyond Birth Guide and course is there as an early intervention or a way to help us develop the skills we need before we get into a crisis. The Mindful Guide to Early Parenting, written by Sophie Burch, is full of helpful advice, exercises and information which help you explore mindfulness and mental well-being from the last weeks of pregnancy and into parenthood. It explores 6 topics including Nurture, Emotions, Connections, Healing, Nourish and Transformation. It explores self care, neuroscience, relationships, expectations, embracing vulnerability, acceptance and much much more.

Sessions are run to guide you through this array of topics and ideas and introduce you to mindfulness and the techniques you can use including, guided meditation, aromatherapy, journaling, affirmations and so much more. It is relaxed environment that you (and that refers to parents, carers, family) can explore this with baby and how we can still look after our mental well-being even with babe in arms.